Tuesday, April 29, 2008

April 2008

April has been so busy I can't believe it's come and almost gone already! Here are a couple of my favorite sessions from this month, first is Chloe, and she's 8 months old. Doesn't she just make you wanna eat her up? She was such a little angel the whole time she was here, this is one of my favorite ages because they're usually so happy and not yet mobile!

Micah Claire is back and she's on the move! Her Mama said she's a climber and she ain't kidding, I think she's gonna be a little dare devil. I hear she's already taken a couple steps on her own! She's only 9 months old! Brooke, I think she's gonne keep you hoppin!

This is Holly, my last senior for 2008. She came here from Strong Arkansas for her session at Garvan Gardens. We had a great time going through the garden and taking pictures. If you have not taken your family to Garvan yet, do take time to go out there, it was just beautiful!

Congratulations Holly!

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