Thursday, June 19, 2008

June 2008

Well, it's June and school is out and everyone is busy planning vacations and enjoying the summer, well not everyone! Some lucky families are having new babies and thinking about pictures and not vacations, so I am happy to oblige. I admit we are planning our own vacation but I always have time to do the best job in the world! Here are a couple of little angels that will surely make you smile. First is Mattie Grace, no doubt this one is gonna be a little princess and she's already gotten a good start, she was the perfect little model and seemed at ease in front of the camera! hehe, it's a good thing because she's gonna be a regular around here just like big brother is!

How could I not share her with her big brother as well! He looks like he's gonna be pretty protective huh? Gorgeous gorgeous children!
Next is tiny little Landon and big sister Laney, how sweet are these 2?

And Landon with his Mommy and with his Daddy, they are such a sweet family and we took so many pictures it's hard to know what to share, there are some beautiful family images as well as these individuals. Little Landon slept the whole time we hardly heard a peep out of him.