Tuesday, May 20, 2008

May 2008

Here is little Tucker, I wish I could show you all of his proofs because it's just a joy to go through them, he was such a little ham, he smiled and smiled and just had the best time, we changed his clothes probably 4 times and still he kept smiling. His Mommy said he is a good baby and I completely agree, these 2 I chose to share don't even show his smiles, but they are a couple of my favorites, I might have to go dig out another one to show his cute little smile.

Okay, here is Tucker again, he just cracks me up he's so cute!

This is Plyler and his beautiful mommy, he's grown so much since I saw him last and he's quite the little man now. He was such a joy and we got so many good images of him, I know his Mommy's having a hard time picking her favorites!

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