Friday, November 14, 2008


Just a quick update, I wanted to update to show one from the Christmas set mostly, but I can't update without telling you it's been a wild and crazy 10 days. Last week my sweet little grandmother died. She was 95 and while we are all saddened, we know she is okay, and she is no longer blind or sick. I'm really doing okay so I'm not looking for sympathy but I couldn't post and not mention what is going on lately. She is the person who inspired me to do what I do! As a little girl, she shoved cameras in my hands, time after time at family events, sometimes I grumbled, but her love of pictures planted a seed in me that has grown into my ability to create for you, what you have on your walls, in your wallets and on your desks. So, it is her that you all have to thank for the images you have from me. In the last years, she could not see my pictures, but she knew they were wonderful and she knew that I was making others happy with them. So, with that said, today I did my first session since the funeral, it's so appropriate that it's a holiday picture because she LOVED Christmas!
So here's a picture to share , in honor of my "Mamommie".

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The Cowart Family said...

Dawn, I am so soory for your loss. You and your family will be in my prayers.