Sunday, October 08, 2006

September 2006

WOW this month is really hard to pick just one favorite, so I narrowed it down to 3, things have been so busy lately I hardly have time to get over here and update the blog. This past weekend we had the cookie sessions and had a great time doing that, look for some of those to peak at, next month! I hope to update the gallery with some really soon too. Anyway, back to September's favorite picks. First, yep you guessed it, another newborn! Come to think of it, probably 75% of them have been baby boys, this is Alex, and he was purely delicious! He didn't mind anything we did and just slept the whole time, I LOOOOOVE this one of his little feet with his Mommy's rings.

Here's Miss Olivia and she's 2 and she and I have formed our own special friendship, she's so smart she saw me a few days after her session at a birthday party, and she looked at me and made this little sound, it cracked me up because it was a sound I had made to her at the studio (it made her chuckle so big) she made that sound right back at me! So often I see one of "my kids" out in public with their mommies but usually they don't remember me unless they are older, but this time she surprised me big time and I thought it was so cute!
If you've been following the blog at all you might recognize this little lady from May's favorite pick. I really try not to use the same children in these favorites, but I couldn't resist this month, She's now 6 months old and I think this is probably my favorite picture I've ever taken of her. The sweetness of her little face and lips and her hands clasped together is so so sweet

Next month, look forward to Cookie Sessions and Family Sessions picks!

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