Friday, July 07, 2006

June 2006

For June, I am going to change the normal routine here, June was our vacation month and although I had a lot of sessions I would love to have shared with you, honestly my favorite pictures for June were my own! We had a wonderful 12 day vacation in Florida, and I had the opportunity to have our family pictures made by someone who is a dear friend of mine. Our families vacationed together and it was the perfect trip. Although I have dozens of beautiful pictures of our family, and I would love to share them with you, I feel I should only showcase pictures here on the blog, that I actually took, so here's some of my favorite snaps. These are just a few out of about 700, so it was a hard decision to pick just a few! This first one of Morgan was taken at Destin on the boardwalk just outside our hotel, if anyone's planning a trip to Destin, I highly recommend the Holiday Inn Destin, it's great and has lots of things for the kids and has a beautiful beach!

This next picture is so typical of my child, whatever she's eating, you can always count on it being all over her face, you'd think as particular as she is about some things she'd be neater, but at 8 she's still a little pig. The hotel had ice cream free for the taking any time of the day or night you wanted to walk up and get one, so a few times we grabbed one on the way out to the beach. They melt fast!

I love this next picture, I snapped this as we were watching the fireworks at Magic Kingdom, it really shows how excited she was and can't you just feel the AAAH!!!! Also, here is a picture of the Cinderella's Castle all lit up over the lake. Gosh I wish I were back there right now!

Morgan wanted these silly Mickey hands from the first time she saw them! I held her off from buying them for several days and tried my best to persuade her it wasn't a wise choice, but the last couple days we were there she insisted on having them, I told her she'd have to use her money and she didn't think twice about shelling out the $20 for them. It wasn't long and she was tired of wearing and carrying them, and they ended up stuffed down in the backpack, and of course right now, I don't even know where they are, gee they were really important weren't they?

Okay, only 2 more, these were taken at St. George Island, we spent a few days there on the way home, on a quiet beach to let our minds calm down from all the Disney! If you're looking for a place to escape the race of vacation and just relax and enjoy the quiet and the beaches, St. George is your place!

Thanks for letting me share a glimpse into my life, so often I get to know your families and am blessed to share your lives, I hope you've enjoyed seeing a little about me and my family.

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